"I’ve noticed as I’m putting the final touches on the score [that] these songs don’t sound much like anything I’ve ever written before. I like to think this is because I didn’t really write them. The words aren’t mine and the stories aren’t mine either. Somehow, the emotional through-lines of their narratives leapt into the ether and became song and I wrote them down, but they don’t belong to me. I’m just a conduit. "

"Miss Alexandra Huntingdon is leaving town. That’s right — the big-voiced, sometimes maudlin, often humorous torch/cabaret singer portrayed by local jazz/pop/classical vocalist Megan Elk is decamping for Chicago, as Elk packs up her life and moves west.

So the entertaining vocalist, whose act verges on performance art, is wrapping things up here. She participated in the recent Lottery League Big Show, and next she’s going to be performing in an equally unlikely setting: the Tower City Rapid Station. There she’ll sing for commuters from 3:30-6:30pm as part of RTA’s monthly Transit Tracks series.

But don’t worry — it’s only so long, not goodbye. Elk has promised she’ll be returning to perform here in Cleveland."

"For Megan Elk, music is her heart and soul. As an internationally acclaimed singer, composer, actress, and vocal coach, Megan Elk has been lighting up stages with her cabaret-style performances. On March 19, at the BOP STOP in Cleveland, Elk presents Torched: Songs of Triumph & Regret, a solo performance where she will share stories of struggles and successes through the music of Gershwin, Weill, Arlen, Porter, Sondheim, Kander, and others."

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